‘I just had a sausage roll and a glass of wine for dinner because I just didn’t have time to cook’.

Sound familiar? Sorry to shame, but there is always time to make sensible food choices helping to keep you running at your very best.


Here are our ‘TTH Top Tips to Eating Well when Tight on Time’:


Cook in batches

No, we do not mean you have to cook 50 portions of chicken, rice and broccoli,place them in identical tupps, and post a picture of them covering every surface in your kitchen, before putting them in your freezer for the next 6months and never actually getting round to eating them because they are far from appetising or appealing. It can be as simple as always cooking a double portion of dinner so you have lunch for the next day, or cooking 3 portions of the same lunch on Sunday evening so you are sorted right through till Wednesday.


Travel friendly meals

If you are super tight on time and you know that one of your meals will be eaten on the go, then make it balanced and practical. You’re not going to make any friends on the tube with a mackerel salad! Equally it is dangerous to even attempt to eat noodles and drive! A balanced smoothie with frozen berries, frozen spinach, vanilla protein, nut butter, oats and almond milk is a fab way to kick start the day. You can buy insulated cups with straws to make it super easy to sip on the squashiest commuter trains, and the straw means you can keep your eyes on the road whist driving.



Thanks to this snazzy little app you can now get take away that is good for you! Say what?! Simply select ‘healthy‘ and enter your post code and it will reveal all your local options.


Don’t fear convenience

Although not always the kindest on the purse strings don’t fear items such as pouches of pre-cooked grains, frozen veg and pre spiralised courgette. Just check the ingredient list to make sure you aren’t getting any added sugar, salt or hidden preservatives.


Fresh Fitness Food

Where would H be without her trusted black and green bag? It’s not something we use every day but it is a great option to turn to when we are tight on time and don’t want to go hungry. Plus, those protein Hobnobs are just…well you’ll have to try them!



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