It’s true we spend most of our time ‘on the run’ be it making up the miles ready for challenge number two or just simply rushing around!

It’s what we do, and we wouldn’t change it for the world but we must make sure we’re doing it right. This is why when lacing up for the long distance we look to our Saucony Freedom ISO kicks, to keep us snazzy and smart.

We find this lightweight shoe really gives back…quite literally! The neutral cushioning and full-length EVERUN mid sole means you can win back some of that power you press down into the ground. It’s also an incredibly light shoe, especially considering the thick soft sole. When it comes to the longer runs, for us weight is everything. Even just a couple of extra ‘unnecessary’ grams can really add up when covering the many miles. You take approximately 10,000 steps in a 5mile run, so just an extra gram per shoe could mean you have carried a extra 20kg by the time you finish! We think that it is a pretty chic training shoe, making your running feel fluid and effortless even when the brain tells you otherwise.

Not only do we feel super springy, we’re sassy too taking us from bounding to brunching in one swift smooth step.

And of course, we gotta be matching!

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