Tech is probably one of the most talked-about topics in exercise. Whether it’s what watch we wear, what heart rate monitor we track with or what bike computer we let lead us. The fitness world is booming with new ways to test everything you do, and we, like you are suckers for it. One thing we’re sure we couldn’t live without is out is our bike computer that helps us get from A to B without hitting the motorways… most of the time!


Which one?

Garmin Edge 1030


How much?

Ours was kindly gifted (this is not a sponsored post), but they retail at £499.99 on the Garmin website.

Why this one?

As mentioned above we were gifted these at the ‘Garmin Ride Out’ event in the New Forest, so it sort of fell into our hands. We got them about two years ago, and back then they were the best of the best so as you can imagine we were totally delighted. They track everything you could possibly need and allow you to upload Strava routes to follow as you ride!

What we’ve loved?

  • The many functionalities. This tiny computer does it all, despite being mini in size and light as they come.
  • The easy to set up Strava functionality, allowing you to pre map a route and follow it with the easy to see arrows.
  • It follows turn by turn directions, so if you’re travelling it’s the perfect way to explore a new route. 
  • Syncing it with Training Peaks (a training platform where coaches can upload your sessions) which allows us to do our interval/big gears sessions outside. 
  • The emergency call feature. If you brake suddenly, it’ll pop up with an (easy dismissable) message that if not dismissed calls your emergency contact in case you crashed.
  • It connects seamlessly in seconds to external sensors such as cadence, heart rate and power. 

What we haven’t loved so much?

  • It occasionally doesn’t cooperate. We love this computer as much as the next person, but sometimes it simply doesn’t play ball. Whether it’s forgetting the route we’re following or disconnecting mid-ride it has it’s moments. Mind you, that’s just technology, isn’t it?
  • Other computers with a non-colour screen will have much longer battery life. However, this one has up to 20hours and that is plenty for us.

Things to know before you buy

  • You need to connect your Strava before you try and follow a route. This involves going into the app, and connecting it with the Garmin Connect app. It’s not an automatic process.
  • It comes with a standard and ‘in-front’ mount arm but if you have flat aero handlebars then you might need to purchase an additional mount.  



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