There’s no doubt about it, the interest in running has gone up since lockdown commenced. Whether it’s an attempt to smash out a 5k, or the chance to test your distance running is on the rise and we’re delighted by it. One question that’s cropped up in our question box a lot is which watch to do we wear to track the way we run, and it’s the question we’re hoping to answer today! Meet our favourite wrist wear… 


Which one?

Garmin Fenix 6s


How much?

Ours was kindly gifted (this is not a sponsored post), but they retail at £569.99 on the Garmin website.

Why this one?

Honestly? We were mostly led by the colour and the loyalty to Garmin since they’ve served us so well for most of our running years. On top of this, the tech is top of the range, which whilst isn’t always necessary, we have a few big events incoming, including a triathlon on the cards so it seemed worthy that we went for something at the slightly higher end of the spectrum. The watch battery lasts around 5 days, including multiple recorded activities and the occasional stopwatch effect slotted in. It caters for triathlon racing, meaning as you change through the disciplines with the simple click of a button. It features maps which means you can load a route onto your watch (via Strava) and it’ll tell you exactly where to go on a very detailed map on your watch display. 

You can also add Spotify to your Fenix 6s and connect your wireless headphones so you can run phone free.

But, back to the colour… How could anyone deny such a thing of beauty?


What we’ve loved?

The colour… of course!

Also, this watch is a lot smaller than our last one, meaning we can also get away with wearing it when we’re (rarely) out of lycra without it looking too silly. 

It packs in a lot of tech for such a small watch too!


What we haven’t loved so much?

The battery life whilst good, isn’t as good as our previously owned Forerunner 945. 

E had also made the switch from a touchscreen watch so the buttons took a few weeks to get used to but now it is second nature.


Things to know before you buy

  • Not everyone needs this type of technology. For most, who are just enjoying a few weekly runs the watches at the lower end of the scale are equally as good. Check out the Garmin 245 as an example.
  • This watch is currently on sale!
  • This purchase could lead to a slippery slope of tech buying.


Smartwatches are not 100% necessary. We love ours and we use it regularly but that doesn’t mean you have to! But, if you are looking for one, this is our current favourite (and not just for the colour!)



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