You know their next word, their every thought and their last meal but when it comes to Christmas, pleasing the pea to your pod can be tricky. I mean come on, their indecisive at the best of times! Even us, who work together, play together and more often than not shop together sometimes struggle so this year we’ve done our research and dug out some divine and delicious goods for you to wrap up and gift your bestie this year!


The ultimate chick flick and chocolate overdose OOTD

This truly fabulous two piece is the epitome of comfy cosy. We don’t know about you, but this cold blustery weather has us wishing for nothing more than a cuppa and catch up to fill Friday night plans and this is our chosen ensemble week in, week out.


The indulgence every best friend deserves on Christmas Day

… And their reminder to eat up, not that our best friends EVER needed to be reminded of that. This is the ultimate sweet treat surprise, packed full of our favourite reeses cups. Don’t panic, if your BFFL isn’t nuts about this one, they make plenty more, from a mixed box to allsorts abundance.


The morning cuddle you sometimes can’t give

And this one comes with a cuppa! We understand our living together, working together and training together thing is a rarity, and for that we are oh so grateful. We also understand sometimes, especially when it’s cold and wet out all you need is a cuddle from your best so this gift is one to do just that. Whether it’s builders brew, or green goodness this is perfect present to enjoy just that!


Gifting that Gossip Girl vibe

Because who doesn’t want to release their inner GG this time of year? If anyone does festivities well it’s these two! Not only are these super snuggly, they’re the perfect pressie because you have to buy two, which means one for you too! (If you’re not a Gossip Girl fan, Etsy have plenty of other slogan sweats to satisfy the ‘best friend jumper’ need!)


A reminder of your name, and the perfect ‘essentials’ pouch

We all forget something, so why not make sure it’s not your name… or any essentials you made need for the day! This ‘supposed to be make up bag’ is the perfect size to slot in your rucksack or handbag for the day to pack in make up, daily essentials or in our case probably snacks and cutlery!!


My best friend runs on…

Could this be more apt? The perfect print to remind your best friend why you love them, and what it is that keeps them sweet? Just reducing the possibility of tantrums around the festive season… you can thank us later!



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