From a young age, we were both regulars to the track. When we say this, we mean we ran 800m and 1500m on demand, whenever and wherever anyone asked. That was our thing and it was a ‘thing’ we both did well. Athletics has many disciplines but for us it was always that same distance, not necessarily because we enjoyed it but because we were good at it. Hey, we’re only human, we all like to do things we’re good at, and we’re very good at avoiding things we struggle with… until now!

Let’s be honest here, 50k is not something that comes naturally. It’s something we’ve worked at, and still to this day it’s not something we find easy but these days we embrace the challenge. This change in attitude is something that has developed over time, with maturity, with experience and with a whole host of failures under our belt. It has come with not being afraid to step out of our comfort zones, both mentally and physically.

We’re lucky to have found ourselves in an industry where we’re never short of opportunities to try new things. Fitness is such a personal activity. Some run, some swim, some lift, some dance but most do a mixture of everything available. This for us is the beauty of it. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not dancers, nor are we yogis and we definitely cannot skateboard, but hey, we’ll do our damndest to try.  There’s no shame in trying, nor is there shame in failing. The only shame comes in limiting your passion, enjoyment and in some case skills.

MoveGB has allowed us to broaden our horizons and take on new challenges! Think unlimited access to a variety of studios combining mainstream gyms and boutique concepts adding variety within your workout, and the freedom to enjoy your session wherever suits. Whether it’s jiu jitsu, crossfit, boxing, pilates or ‘pure abs’, there is something for everyone in every corner of the country. The flexibility and variety makes it easy to ‘move’ and not just that, enjoy it. Exercise has to be both enjoyable and accessible, and MoveGB ticks both these boxes. If it becomes a chore, the likelihood of the ‘not so keen’ keeping it up is limited, but with MoveGB there really is no excuse to not take up a challenge. We’re not asking you to run 50k, all we’re asking is you take a small step into the unknown.

So, where exactly did it take us? For us, we took the opportunity to indulge in activity we usually wouldn’t. We are huge lovers of Yin Yoga, but due to lack of convenience and a set spot to visit it’s not something we do often, cue Local Motion. An hour of pure stretching and breathing is exactly what Monday evening calls for and located right on our doorstep it could not be easier to access. Another form of fitness we don’t delve into enough is pilates, despite it’s endless benefits for posture and alignment. To satisfy this, we headed to YogiYoga for an hour of beginners pilates, which is basically the standard class just slowed down a little. It was the perfect introduction for us, and something we definitely plan on doing more of! To top off the total convenience factor MoveGB offers we were able to join Virgin Active Wandsworth, right on time with moving house. A few minutes walk from our doorstep sits the snazzy gym, fully equipped with all the equipment you could dream of, plus a pool!

Add a little adventure to your fitness and health regime, you never know you may just quite like it!

MoveGB have kindly offered all of our readers a FREE 2 week trial! What are you waiting for?

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