Looking for a little reassurance right now? Renee is bringing just that, reminding us it’s ok to feel uncertain and it’s ok to out of routine.

Over to you Renee…

Uncertainty is the word of the moment. With all of us maintaining social distancing; some of us in complete isolation and others in quarantine, many of us are experiencing a whole new way of living. For those of us who are used to being active, while we may not be able to get our usual fix, this is also an excellent opportunity to be creative with our fitness, trying new online options but also, more importantly, just trying to make light of this challenging situation by making fitness fun.

However, for some of us, the anxiety of our current situation may mean that the lack of routine and familiarity throws some us off course. The heightened discomfort and increasing feelings of chaos might mean we allow our anxious mind to take over and become catastrophic. The fear of gaining weight or becoming unfit, becoming our number one issue. While we don’t know how long our present situation is going to last, the key things to remember are that nothing is ever permanent, and this situation will also pass. While there may be minor changes to our fitness levels, is this really the end of the world? Maybe ask yourself, does this really define me as a person? Why is the number on the scale such a big deal? At the end of the day, your weight doesn’t’ tell us anything about you, and it’s an arbitrary figure that you have put enormous importance on and it never brings you the happiness you think it will.

The real issue here is that when life feels uncertain and messy, some of us feel the need to control and contain these complicated feelings – food and exercise provide a means of doing this, but ask yourself whether you train or not; eat or not, is it actually going to change the present situation?
Of course, not so, why make a difficult situation even more difficult? Use this time to nurture and be kind to yourself.


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