While there’s much bigger fish to fry in light of the latest Corona Virus happenings, there’s no denying, races have been rocked, and goals have been postponed with the rise of COVID19. Frustration, anger and everything in between is likely to be looming, but we’re here to tell you not all is lost in your running world.

But, before we go on, it’s essential to recognise this issue is a hell of a lot larger than the one just affecting our 2020 race schedule. It’s a virus that has caused complete havoc within our health systems, educational institutions and workplaces. We’re simply here to offer a few words that may be needed if the next few weeks are not looking to run totally to plan.

One more thing, if you’re unsure about the ins and outs, check out this incredibly insightful and straight to the point explanation from our favourite doctor, @thefoodmedic.

Ok, on with the reason you’re all here.

What if my race has been cancelled?

Race or no race you’ve worked hard to get here. You’re training is still valid, and most definitely something you should remain proud of. You’ve put the hours in and you’ve developed a stronger, more resilient body. That doesn’t go away, just because the race does. 

IF your race has been cancelled and you’ve been left feeling a little lost we’re laying down a few rules for you to live by over the next few weeks.

  • Be proud of your recent achievements
    • As we mentioned above, the hours don’t just become extinct now. The highs, the lows and all the bits in between have still taught you a hell of a lot, and they are not to be taken away. Remember everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve overcome and use that energy to invest in something outside of the cancelled race. 
  • Don’t let it stop you
    • The race may be off but the roads are still open. Who’s to say you can’t run your own damn race? You’ve worked hard for this goal and it’s still there to be smashed. Races are wicked, and they come with all the added extras but let us tell you, if you can go out with just headphones or a few mates for company, and put all that effort into one epic run you’re stronger than many before you. In other words, it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got the crowds and the chaos so if you can do it without, imagine what you can do when the race returns later this year or even next. Think of it as a challenge…
  • It’s all still got a purpose
    • Over the last few weeks, you’ve tested your body in ways you didn’t think possible, you’ve overcome feats you never thought you would and you’ve become stronger with every stride. Why not plug that purpose into something else? Set a new goal, one driven by all you’ve achieved during your training journey. 
  • There’s always an alternative
    • There’s no way cancelling these races was an easy decision. Months, years and endless hours go into planning these lifesize events so know it will have been done with a heavy heart, and one that only has our health at the forefront. The general advice around events at the moment is that large scale ones are most at risk. More people, more chance of it spreading faster right? Small events seem still to be running, and there are many there ready to scoop you up should you still wish to tackle something on race day (or round about it). We can’t promise these won’t be cancelled, but for those of you searching for something still running, we’ve popped a list below. 
    • Please note, we’re neither advising you for or against picking another race to run, this your choice. We’re just offering the option should you wish to take it.


Endurance Life run a series of wickedly cool races, and they’ve got a few roundabout marathon time too. Both their Exmoor and Pembrokeshire run during April offering several distances including the 26.2.

Manchester Marathon is still currently going ahead, and there are charity spots available.

The Great Welsh Marathon is one not many shout about, but we’re here to say you should! The route runs along the coast, exploring one of the UK’s most beautiful destinations. Charity spots are still available. 

Taunton Marathon is still open for both half and full distance entries. 

St Georges marathon is still open, although slightly rogue with a Thursday race day. Hey, why not make a weekend of it?

Sign Off

Let’s all just look out for others during this crazy time shall we? We’re not saying life should come to a total standstill, we’re simply saying use your brains with the same intent you’ve used your legs these past few weeks!


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