Barry’s Day Four

Tread 9

Hour on the clock:

Powered by:
Olly Truelove (still no more love offered)

Abs, abs and more abs.

Top Move:
Sit Up with Squat Jump
Simple but effective. This was the first move we kickstarted the session with, the perfect power and control combo. Slowly rolling down vertebrae, by vertebrae before using those abs to draw you back up and through into a springy squat jump. The perfect way to raise the heart rate.

Toughest transition:
Transition 5 to 6 since I’d mentally convinced myself to give the last round my all with a sprint or two. I forgot how terrifying that tread can be, but of course two minutes later I was sprinting at 12.5 loving EVERY SINGLE stride.

Sing it:
Tiga vs Audion- I wanna go dancing
This came on at the exact moment Olly set us up with an ab move that mimicked a move very much like one I’d pull on the dance floor. Needless to say its suited better as an exercise!

Top One Liner:
‘Time to get you toasty in the ab department’
And that we most certainly did. Thursday AB BURNER on fire… Literally!


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