Barry’s Day Five



Double Floor 21


Hour on the clock:



Powered by:

Hannah Luck (and a little bit of Mim)



Full Body


Top Move:

Lunge into 3 single arm bent over row

By beginning the move with a lunge, it helped me to engage my core and ensure I was (as instructed) working the FULL BOD’AY. I had to focus on the stability of my knee, and use my glutes to keep the whole body aligned and the row strong.

On the whole the double moves, joining two exercises together (another example was the squat and U Row) had my heart rate up and feeling the effects of FULL BODY day at Barry’s.


Toughest transition:

Transition 3-4. Day 5 felt tired and for some reason the body gave up a little after round 3, needing a strict talking to to ready myself for round 4. HLuck runs a tough ship!


Sing it:

Peanutbutter Jelly

As transition 4 began, and the body was lacking cooperation this reminded me of my ‘Simply PB Shake’ awaiting just outside the Barry’s doors.


Top One Liner:

‘Screw the walk, just start running’

I wasn’t even running, but this bit’a tough love had my fired up and ready to WORK.



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