Barry’s Day Six



Double Floor 25


Hour on the clock:



Powered by:

Sandy Macaskill



Full Body


Top Move:

Chest Press/Shoulder Press into Sit Up

I may have hated this come round two, but once again the combination of the two moves in one added just the full body blitz I was after! By keeping my arms raised above my head during the slow lower onto the bench, I worked into my shoulders, whilst engaging my core to keep the transition smooth. I then used everything my abs had to give to keep the weights above head and body driving up into the second phase of the sit up. The added presses were just there to BURN.


Toughest transition:

Transition 3-4… Once again, as the dreaded (kind of) sit up and press combo returned!


Sing it:

Get Low- Flo Rida

This was one of the first songs to play, and let’s be honest… it’s a classic. Nobody can deny a little Flo Rida to get them ready to WUUURK!


Top One Liner:

I just couldn’t choose one, but they followed in similar fashion…

‘MORE ass’

‘Stick it out!’

‘ASS back!’

Safe to say Sandy had our glutes FIRED.



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