As promised, part 2 of our running documentaries has landed, packing in plenty more races we can only dream of. Saying that we’ve thrown in one we’ve actually completed here too, not just to plug us, but also to recommend and experience H can only describe as life-changing (and one E describes as she’s heard one million times). On top of our own experiences, we’ve included a few from you. Following our part one piece, a few of you sent in some recommendations which we’ve included too.

Without further ado, meet our part two participants…

Ultra X Race Documentaries

Had to jump in here first didn’t we? These are short, sweet and filled with many many memories… or at least one of them is. From Mexico to the Jordanian desert, Ultra X host races in the most sought after locations in the world, taking with them skilled creatives to come back with everything you need and more to make you desperate to jump at the chance to race them. These are just a few examples of that. The link will take you to their Youtube channel where you can find all the inspiration you need for your next adventure. 

Skid Row Marathon

This was one that came from you guys, so thank you. It’s a heartwarming story of a judge, who wants to give back to the many he ultimately has to take away from by sharing with them the gift of running. He takes it upon himself to train a ‘motley but motivated group of homeless, addicted, and criminal men and women to run international marathons.’ He does this by raising money via events to support covering their flights and associated costs. The documentary takes you on this humbling journey, to highlight the strength running really has to bring people together, and more importantly, help them find strength in themselves and their future. 

Finding Traction 

Want to be reminded of how really badass us women are? This is just the documentary you need. Nikki Kimball, all-round ultra running superhero takes on the 273-mile Long Trail. What drives someone to attempt such an incredible feat? How does she marshall her mind and body to overcome the inevitable hardships of this legendary, but brutal, race? This hour in front of the tele will tell you just that! No challenge such as this is taken on without its ups, downs and everything in between but Nikki handles each hurdle with such determination, grit and courage, you can’t help feeling inspired… and a little bit tempted to take to the trails.

Movie night anyone?



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