Putting the Glam in Glamping!


What do you do for the girl that has everything?

With E’s birthday on the cards, I knew I had to whip out something good. Gone are the days where I can get away with just giving her a card, or baking her a cake. This is my best buddy, my business partner and the only person that could possibly put up with me at the rate she does so, this weekend that fell on her day of birth had to be something a bit special.

Cue: Glamping Hub, and a stay at Leewick Farm.










So, what is Glamping?


Glamping [ glam-ping ]



Informal. the activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home:


Imagine glamping in a carpeted tent with a comfy queen-size bed.


And Glamping Hub is simply the site that hosts the best places to camp, or should we say glamp in style. You can filter your search right down to suit your staycation, be it a hot tub to spend the late evening hours in, or a seaside within a minutes walk to wake you up come morning. As it happens, our requests called on both the above luxuries and both the above luxuries we received.


What did we get up to?


For us, the stay was all about 24 hours outside the hustle and bustle of London. We headed up Saturday afternoon, with St Osyth being just an hour outside of London from Liverpool Street station. Upon arriving, we grabbed a quick snack before running to the local pub to catch the Rugby. Said run destination was St Osyth, just 10km from our cosy Lushnas (this is the name given to the huts we stayed in), following the seafront round in a loop to a land where the gin and tonics cost just £3.50. After a few too many, we wandered the more direct route 2.5km home before cooking up a Mindful Chef storm and retreating to the hot tubs for the evening. There we stayed accompanied by good company, great (homemade) cocktail and roasted marshmallows thanks to the firepits provided. With ten of us checked in, we spread across 5 Lushnas, although actually they could have slept 4 each! We spent the evening at the central pod, otherwise known as Casa H + Rhys with plenty of room for us all to cosy up around the fire!

The next morning, we woke up lazy before driving down to the beach, grabbing a quick coffee and going for a wander. We then booked Sunday roast on route home, to break up the driving and wrap up what had been the most wonderful weekend escape.


Where can you Glamp?


Anywhere across the 115 countries, Glamping Hub features. With more than 31,000 listings including 27 different types of glamping. From campsites to cabins, to big houses to host plenty there really is something for anyone searching for a special few days away.


Why Glamping Hub?


The list is endless, but for us, a few came out on top…


  • You can completely personalise your adventure to accommodate the miles you want to run, or the many you want with you.
  • It’s eco-friendly, with many locations taking advantage of the surrounding elements of nature including fire pits, and BBQ stations.
  • You cannot get any closer to nature, with the beach on your doorstep and miles to walk or run.



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