The Race: Our own, unassisted, un-routed 50km along Great Ocean Road

Who we ran with: No one, other than each other. As with out other 50k routes this wasn’t an official race, so it was simply one H, one E and one half of Jamie and the Jam (Will).

How far did we go? 50km (30 miles)

Plodded upon: All sorts, including sand (beach and dunes), road, slats, gravel, mud, grass and tree bark. We also very nearly stepped on a koala bear if that counts?!

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

We stayed in a gorgeous Airbnb in Apollo Bay, about a 5 minute drive from our start point. If you’re looking to run the same route our choice of spot can be found here.


The views of the ocean that cropped up every few kilometres, just as we began to lack humour. We also have to offer a shoutout to our trusty tail chaser, one half of Jamie and the Jam, who provided the out loud grunting and swearing we usually try keep in! Top running buddy points going to Will.

We Struggled…

The uphill sand climbs. Feet slipping + numb legs was not a good combo for a strong ascent. We usually took to powerwalking these bits as it actually worked out faster and was less taxing, allowing us to keep energy and pace up right through to 50.

Why this Race…

When planning challenge number 3, Great Ocean Road came out on top with recommendations and we now we know why! The views were epic, the trail was a treat to follow and the terrain was both varied and kind to the legs. Really the question is why not?

Famous Faces…

A super chilled koala named Kev.Jamie and the Jam.

Mid run Brainwave…

Can a snake pee?

H also reckons she spotted a dinosaur!

Rocket Fuel…

Pesto pasta, ft. buckets of parmesan for dinner and our classic (but slightly cakey due to Australian oats) honey and peanut butter porridge for breakfast. Throughout the run we snacked on Warburton thins with peanut butter and honey, as well as some Australian fruit cake bars and Lucozade jelly beans.

Number 1 Fan…

A group of fabulous, and oh so sassy hikers who whooped, cheered and wowed just when we needed them.

If you Fancy a Go…

Let us know and we can help with your planning. Check out our map here!




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