When it comes to quirky cafes, and cool city dining Melbourne have hit the nail on the head. Every corner boasts a belter of a brew, and every street serves a selection of banana bread, buttered to brag a smell one cannot resist. There’s simply no option not to eat well here, and we made sure we did just that. From ‘grab and go’ Grill’d burgers, to two course brunches we sourced the spots promised to tantalize the taste buds to bring you  a list of TTH top tastes to tuck into yourself should you visit when on the hunt for a brunch/lunch bonanza!

Operator 25

Lowdown: This was our introduction to Melbourne’s foodie scene, and there’s no doubt it did not disappoint. The interior screamed good vibes, and the food had us feeling just that. The menu was far from ‘basic brunch’ with flavours and ingredients combos even E had considered combining.

Drink of choice: Their Columbian coffee blend

E’s chosen dish: Pan fried barramundi with white bean purée, grilled bok choy, broccoli, edamame, confit garlic, baby king mushrooms and medley tomatoes

H’s chosen dish: Roasted pumpkin with spiced cashew puree, zucchini, tempeh, okra and mixed nuts vinaigrette.

Must try: Tempeh crisps

Best for: Those with a burning desire to challenge their taste buds. You’ll be well rewarded… we promise! 

Le Petite Prince

Lowdown: We could have been strolling Kings Road for all we knew. Designer shops, and dream drives this really is the upmarket end of Melbourne and the food spots say it all. Le Petite Prince popped up on our ‘into app’, and so despite being a dive for free brunch we definitely got more than we bargained for. The menu offered everything from big feeds, to light salads, and for those with an appetite to be proud of there’s a serious selection cakes to consume second course. Since it was the first day sunshine had graced us, we sat outside able to enjoy our packed plates under the glorious Melbourne sunshine. This was just how we’d imaged ‘Oz’.

Drink of choice: Ginger beer, Aussies do this VERY well.

E’s chosen dish: Breakfast goodness bowl with a poached egg.

H’s chosen dish: Breakfast goodess bowl with a portion of grilled chicken

Must try: Banana bread

Best for: Those with a mixed group. The varied menu caters for every appetite, that we can vouch for! (This trip made it very clear we ate for more than the boys did!)

Matcha Mylkbar

Lowdown: Matcha must be done well. W all like to jump on the ‘jolly good for you’ bandwagon, but there’s no denying if not whizzed up right it can make for quite the bitter aftertaste. Many cafes  claim the ‘matcha made in heaven’ but they’ve got nothing on this gallantly green menu. Everything is plant-based, but never fear meat eaters… you won’t even notice. From pancake stacks, to sizey sweet potato chip portions there’s something to suit every palate. Did we mention the fries come drizzled with the most divine almond butter? Matcha Mylk Bar was our chosen spot for the first TTH meet up, and we could not have wished for better. The whole team made us and our group of travelled TTH’ers feel so welcome, and the licked clean plates told the story of satisfied tummies even after a pint sized portion of the ‘Double Trouble’ smoothie we designed just for the occasion.

Drink of choice: Salted caramel iced matcha

E’s chosen dish: Gluten free matcha pancakes, dark chocolate sauce, lychee, pear, berries, passionfruit, nut crunch, lemongrass & macadamia ice cream

H’s chosen dish: Eggs on toast- poached eggs made from sweet potato, turmeric, almond & coconut served on gluten free toast.

Must try: Cookies and Vegan Eggs

Best for: Those in search for the haven of health cafes. The menu offers a healthy twist on some firm favourites featuring an ‘Oreo Frappe’ and the best of bean burgers. 

Laneaway Greens

This one came highly recommended from the tastebuds of our trustiest explorer friend, Mollie and now we know why! Breakfast is a little out of the ordinary but nonetheless delicious. Think tangy and tasty acai bowls, or a selection of savoury salad bowls matching flavours and textures beyond wildest expectations.

Drink of choice: The cucumber and mint kombucha. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

E’s chosen dish: Redwood Smoked Salmon & Kinross Farm Soft Poached Egg with Avocado, Beetroot, Carrot, Cucumber, Organic brown rice, Quinoa, Dill, Sesame seeds, Shallots, Lemon, Sesame vinaigrette Served warm

H’s chosen dish: Poached Chicken & Bok Choy Slaw with Carrot, Cucumber, Cabbage, Bean shoots, Kale, Vietnamese mint, Coriander, Sesame seeds, Sun-dried chilli, Peanuts, Nouc cham

Must try: Kombucha

Best for: Those looking for foods promised to give that glow, and good vibes feeling.

Little Big, Sugar Salt

This one was sourced through the secret of Instagram, and what a find it was! The breakfast menu wow’ed and there was a serious struggle to narrow down to just  one choice. The setting was a little out of the main CBD in Abbotsford but we can guarantee it’s well worth the short walk.

Drink of choice: Coffee, with a dash of almond milk.

E’s chosen dish: Sweet potato pancakes, banana, peach, granola, coyo, spiced cardamom and coconut caramel 

H’s chosen dish: Goats cheese omelette on fresh sourdough

Must try: The caramel!

Best for: Those who require a bit of sweet and savoury at breakfast.


This was a little by accident, and in all honesty not one either of us were particularly keen on visiting. We were in Melbourne, surrounded by delicious dining, and every corner boasted culinary crown worthy delights so you can understand why we were not fussed on a ‘fast food burger joint’ claiming ‘healthy burgers’. Well, we stand corrected. The food was no fuss fabulous, and just the plate-full we needed after wandering the streets of Melbourne for hours in search of something savoury.

Drink of choice: Corona… it had to be done!

E’s chosen dish: Good Karma- Organic beef pattie with avocado, pickle, beetroot, salad, smoked sea salt & egg mayo. 

H’s chosen dish: Caesars Palace- Chicken breast, crispy bacon, free range egg, shaved parmesan, cos lettuce & Caesar dressing.

Plus we shared the sweet potato chips and the courgette chips!

Must try: The Zucchini fries 

Best for: Those on the hunt for something hearty.

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