The Race: Our own unsupported 50km challenge on and around The Great Wall of China.

Who we ran with: Just us!

How far did we go? 50km

Plodded upon: Trial, THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!, Roads

What did we wear:

  • Bra – Sweaty Betty
  • Pants – Runderwear
  • Top – Sweaty Betty
  • Shorts – Sweaty Betty
  • Shoes – Adidas
  • Backpack – Ultimate Direction
  • Water reservoir – Camel Pak

Where’d we go?

Started in the small town of Wangjia in Miyun. We headed 2km up the trail behind our ‘hotel’ before climbing onto the wall. We began West along the wall, but only managed to get about 1km before hitting a pretty steep rock face. We turned on our heels and began our journey East, but due to the never ending thorn bushes and 2,400 year old wall our progress was pretty slow. Running was pretty much impossible so after much deliberation we made the sensible decision to head back down to the road. With only 15km under our belt and no map for the roads our best bet was to run out for 17.5km and back. Gulp! We set off East along the S312 to Tiejiying and all the way back.


Finally getting to the Great Wall and looking out as far as we can see. Sights like that will never get old!

We Struggled…

When we had to make the decision that 50km on the wall was not going to be a possibility.

E also really struggled with the heat…little strop 5km into the road run may have happened too!

Why this Race…

How else would we top our Grand Canyon Run from last year?

Famous Faces…

Definitely not! Actually few photos of Xi Jinping around the villages…does that count?

Mid run Brainwave…

If every car is beeping at you you are probably running on the wrong side of the road. In china apparently you run in the same direction as the cars. Who’d have thought?

Rocket Fuel…

  • Lucozade jelly beans
  • Bounce Balls
  • Honey Sandwiches

Number 1 Fan…

Andy and ‘The Master’ of our hotel.

If you Fancy a Go…

Drop us an email

Watch our video of the 50km run here.



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