The Race: London Sprint Triathlon 2017

Who we ran with: Hope and Glory

How far did we go? 750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5km Run

Plodded upon:

We splashed about in Thames water (not as bad as you would think)

We peddled on asphalt roads, and a few rumble strips.

We ran on asphalt roads with the few sections of plastic slabs to cover up some steps. Which H came to realise are VERY slippery when wet!

What did we wear:

  • 2XU trisuits
  • Zone 3 wetsuits
  • Speedo googles 
  • Adidas Trainers 

What did we ride:

  • H was on a Genesis
  • E was on a Liv

Where’d we go?

One swimming lap of the Royal Victoria docks in front of the ExCel centre.

Two cycling laps of the road from Leamouth to Beckton Park.

Finally, two running laps from the ExCel out along side of the docks. 


Meeting two lovely ladies before the swim who helped chat away our pre race nerves!

We Struggled…

To get out of our wetsuits!

To run in heavy shoes. The torrential down pour during the cycle had left our snazzy kicks saturated.

Why this Race…

Apparently, it is now the biggest triathlon in the world! The atmosphere is amazing and the tri community is oh so welcoming.  

Famous Faces…

Gordon Ramsey

Mid run (Tri) Brainwave…

“If I do get a puncture I think it’ll be quicker to just run with the bike!”

Rocket Fuel…

Pre run overnight oats with honey and peanut butter, and a nibble of the Munchfit muffins because we simply couldn’t resist! We obviously tucked into more of these post race!

Number 1 Fan…


If you Fancy a Go…

Head to their website to sign up!



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