The Race: Ride London 2017

Who we ran with: Sparks

How far did we go? 1oo miles!

Plodded upon: Asphalt roads

What did we wear:

What did we ride:

Where’d we go?

We began things from our hotel, The Premier Inn, London Bank, but the official race started in Stratford. We headed out through the city and out via Hammersmith, continuing out through Kingston, taking a tour of Surrey’s rolling hills including Leith and Box. Finally we landed back in Kingston, through the crowds and up Wimbledon hill, before racing down Putney high street all the way along Chelsea Embankment and finishing with a straight run up The Mall by Buckingham Palace.


Starting a few peddles from the start line, thanks to the epic Premier Inn team, ensuring we got a good nights sleep at their Bank location. A good night’s sleep is key to any race and we most certainly got that, as well as the offering of some late night oats when we realised ours were a little runny. Thanks PI team!

Meeting so many wonderful people along the way!

The amazing Evans team who fixed E’s puncture, and also had a whole team out on bikes carrying every bike prop one could wish for. Absolute lifesavers!

We Struggled…

Drinking and cycling! It’s so hard to get the right angle with the water bottle…lots of dribbling.

Why this Race…

It celebrates the joy of being outdoors, the cycling community and our amazing capital city.

Famous Faces…

We sadly did not see her out on the course but Nicola Adams was riding too!

Mid run Brainwave…

Can we Lasoo one of the fast riders and just wheel along behind?

Rocket Fuel…

Pre run overnight oats with honey and peanut butter, and a nibble of the Munchfit muffins because we simply couldn’t resist! We obviously tucked into more of these post race!

Number 1 Fan…

The guy playing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ on a trombone by Earls Court.

An elderly lady only half a mile further on cheering everyone on by waving her feather duster!

A woman on one of the hills who was using her shoes to clap!

If you Fancy a Go…

Check out our race video and then sign up here!



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