The Race: Surrey Half Marathon

Who we ran with: AAT Events

How far did we go? 13.1 miles

Plodded upon: Roads, all closed too!

What did we wear:

  • Bra – Lulu Lemon
  • Top  – Lulu Lemon
  • Shorts  – Lulu Lemon
  • Shoes – Adidas

Where’d we go?

We headed South out of Woking towards Sutton Green, then into Jacobs Well. Next up was North up the A320 towards Mayford, before switching back and returning to Jacobs Well. We then went West on Burdensholtt road towards Worplesdon, before heading East back to Woking.


The mini rolling hills. They were just enough to wake up the glutes, but not so steep you were left wishing for the down.

We Struggled…

The switch back… it was a longen! We trudged out for a full mile and a half, before turning directly back on ourselves, running all the way to hit mile 8 and finally turn off.

Why this Race…

We think this is the perfect ‘first half marathon’. It’s well organised, and kept quite small so the start, finish and race itself run very smoothly, making for a stress free, happy half.

Famous Faces…

Charlotte, Darren and her parents. Our Towpath saviours!

Mid run Brainwave…

“This switchback is simply NEVER going to end.”

Rocket Fuel…

Pre run overnight oats with honey and peanut butter

H also snacked on a ‘magic biscuit’, otherwise known as a Nairns chocolate biscuit moments before beginning.

Number 1 Fan…

Aimee, giving us the biggest whoop and cheer just before we turned off the switchback and a few TTH shouters. Thank you whoever you are!

If you Fancy a Go…

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