This post is written in partnership with FemFresh.


Hey, it’s summer and you’ve got goals to hit. There’s no doubt a bit of sweat is set to feature on the agenda. From heart racing HIIT training, to steady summer running as soon as that sun peaks out temperatures soar and the body reacts. Although this, technically (and biologically) is a bonus, we know it’s not always the most convenient thing, especially if you have somewhere to be and people to meet. That ‘buttcheek’ sweat patch may ‘scream solid session’ achieved to you, but to the passer by it may appear so satisfying.

To help you ‘beat the sweat’ we’re sharing 5 of our favourite fitness hacks, that keep us running to brunching no matter what the weather:

  • Femfresh Mini Packs

These are an absolute must have for any gym bag, especially around this time of year. They are small, discreet and can be used all over the body to freshen up anywhere, anytime… although we’d highly recommend you find somewhere a little private to do this. The wipes have been specifically designed for your intimate skin, meaning they are kind on the skin and will not disrupt the pH balance, meaning no irritation or discomfort. Although they have been made especially for such areas, they are perfect for the face, hands and even ankles if the run has been a little muddier than expected. They even come in two sizes containing 10 or 25 wipes. Get your hands on some here!

  • Spare Kit

We are never without a spare sports bra, and clean pair’a pants. This time of year, even travelling on the tube for longer than two minutes can cause you to work up quite the sweat. In fact, when the sun’s out we try to avoid public transport at all costs, opting to walk whenever we can. If you’ve walked with E, you’ll know she walks as if she’s being chased by a wild bear, so the likelihood of working up a sweat is high and turning up to meetings smelling not so great, and looking as though we’ve just taken a dip in the local lido is not ideal. The spare essentials, plus a pack of Femfresh wipes can have us changed, fresh and ready to socialise in a matter of seconds so really it’s a no brainer.

  • Dark Kit

We hate to be bores here, but if you do sweat, don’t opt for nude leggings. Yes, they look summery, and may have you feeling just a little cooler thanks to reflection but they are not a good colour to hide sweat. Even H who has to run a marathon in the middle of the desert to work up a sweat avoids these. Go for dark colours on your bottom half at least! This will avoid the slightly embarrassing situation (that we’ve all suffered) with the ‘sweat V’, helping you to be a little more discreet in the heat.

  • Reusable Water Bottle

So, we’ve established you’re likely to sweat and we’ve come up with ways to combat the visual and physical side of this, but what about the health element surrounding it. If you’re sweating your losing water your body needs. Remember the human body is up to 60% water, so if it’s leaving the body we need to find ways to replenish it. Carrying a reusable water not only carries endless benefits for the environment, it helps keep the purse strings happy. 99% of restaurants, cafes and gyms will refill your water if you ask nicely, and many public places even contain fountains. Shout-out to Pret for doing both!

  • Keep the salt intake UP

Again, this one focuses on the minerals lost whilst you sweat. Whether you’re working out or simply dashing around town, you’re likely to lose more water through sweat in the heat. And hey, if you’re not losing it through sweat, it’s through urine since your hydration levels are topped up thanks to the tip above. When we lose liquids, we mess up the balance in our bodies, meaning we can actually end up over hydrating if we simply try to just ‘drink more’. We always carry a pack of electrolyte tablets in our bag (usually High5 or Phizz) to add to our bottles. If you can’t get your hands on these you can just add some salt and sugar to water, although we can’t promise it’s particularly enjoyable. Alternatively, you can level things out with food that contain either high sugar, or salt levels. Note, these should be consumed in moderation and it’s not simply an excuse to delve into a giant bag of pick n mix, or a sharing bag of kettle chips!


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