Canyon for a Cause…
Jamie Oliver Foundation
When we first decided on the TTHvsTGC challenge our ‘go to’ to give to was the Jamie Oliver Foundation. It was the perfect pairing as our challenge will take place in America where Jamie’s Food Revolution began.
Our main reasoning for this is the belief and love we have for all this foundation stands for. Its main aim is educating the next generation on how food grows and the benefits of eating well. It also helps to educate people known as ‘The Ministry of Food Teachers’ to go out into our communities to spread the message. It Includes ‘Fifteen’ and ‘CookSmart’ which teach disengaged teens how to become chefs and students to look at their plate and not just live off pasta, respectively.
Childhood obesity is often thought as only a problem in the US. However in the UK a third of 10-11 year olds and over a fifth of 4-5 year olds are overweight or obese (WHO 2015-2016). We don’t know about you but we find this number terrifying. We couldn’t agree more with JO in the fact that just a small snippet of food education in schools could be detrimental in bringing this number spiralling back down. This will not only save many lives but also increases the quality, furthermore it will take a huge strain off the NHS.
Their Mission:
 “Access to good, fresh, real food and the basic skills to cook it has the power to transform lives. Working in the UK, US and through the Good Foundation in Australia, we are leading a full-scale and ongoing Food Revolution to improve the health and happiness of future generations, through the food they eat.”
Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
We discovered out more about the business behind the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust after collaborating with Lucozade sport, and instantly knew it was something we’d love to support!
Kelly Holmes was an inspiration for us both from a young age getting us out on the track weekend after weekend. We both ran the 800m and 1500m competitively throughout our time at school. It is safe to say Kelly Holmes is way up there on the TTH wall of fame when looking for a little inspiration.
This trust encourages young people (aged 14-25) to unlock the qualities such as confidence, drive, determination and dedication that many athletes have. The trust then empowers young people to apply these attributes to their lives to make long-term changes such as seeking/gaining employment, taking up volunteering and training opportunities.
Their Mission:
“Getting young lives on track by using world class athletes to empower young people facing disadvantage to realise the attitudes they need to fulfil a positive life”

Overall both charities focus on education in order to change health and happiness for the better. We’re strong believers in this proactive method of problem solving and cannot wait to support both charities with our challenge.
If you would like to help take the edge off our 24.5mile journey over a mile deep into The Grand Canyon then please donate what you can here.

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