So what really defines ‘Challenge’?

Often people are quick to assume it’s something they can’t do… Before we go any further we want to banish this thought. For us to tell you there is nothing you ‘can’t do’ would be ‘challenging’ the truth. There are a few things in life we ‘can’t do’, but up against the many things we can this is almost irrelevant.

To us, challenge is something that excites, something that defies expectation and in many cases something that breaks the rules. Challenge allows you to overcome fear, and find strengths you never knew you had, be these mentally or physically.

Challenge can apply to any individual, no matter their passion, hobby or talents. This is one of the many reasons we’ve chosen to pursue it with the growth of Twice the Health. For us it sits with challenging our bodies and the climb that sits ahead of us will most certainly do this.

We made the decision to run the Canyon just moments after hiking it. We’d spent 6 hours exploring the one of the most beautiful landscapes earth has to offer, so of course high on endorphins and rich in experience we were desperate to go again.

Completing that hike made us feel alive, despite never being so exhausted in our entire lives.
Completing that hike made us feel stronger than ever, despite our legs never resembling jelly more.
Completing that hike made us feel more at home than ever, despite never being further from the comfort of our London home.
And finally completing that hike made us hungry for greater challenge, despite it being our stomachs that were truly challenged with hunger!

It was like nothing we’d ever experienced from challenging our bodies. We’d beaten the bootcamps, we’d racked up the miles… we’d even attempted an hour of hula hooping. Nothing stood up against this feeling of momentous achievement.

Inspired by adventure we begun the 18-month process of planning, an essential component to any challenge. Hours of route recruiting, and timely training sessions we arrive at the present, just hours from beginning the descent, just days from the daring challenge and we’ve never been more ready.

This is not just a fitness challenge, this is an experience and one that we’ll leave with memories we’ll never forget. Memories we promise to share just as soon as we’ve caught our breath.

See you on the other side!

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