It’s almost two years ago now that we climbed, or rather crawled out the infamous Grand Canyon and it’s almost two years ago we made the carefree decision to return. Add 8 miles, endless hours at the tread and a bucket of nerves and here we find ourselves just a short sleep out from being back in the oblivion that stole our hearts. It’s all very well to break it down so simply, but in fact the feat that lies ahead is one that has challenged, tested and in some cases troubled our bodies. We’ve suffered injury, we’ve hit walls and we’ve most certainly doubted our decisions. As hard as we try to defy the difficulty that lies ahead, this 24 miles will continue to challenge, test and again in some cases trouble our bodies but it’s this sense of the unknown that excites us. Even just the few days we’ve been out here has inspired many more adventures, and it’s that inspiration we want to share with you. We encourage you to find YOUR canyon, find something that challenges, tests and in some cases troubles you but something that will leave you feeling alive, and ready for the next. So why challenge? Why test your bodies? Why in some cases suffer trouble?


1. Life is trouble, we suffer it in every aspect of life, be it having to wake up earlier than we would like. Or longing to devour dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner knowing of the unhealthy repercussions? But to suffer a snippet of trouble in return for an unforgettable experience… that is the moment that trouble is soon forgotten.


2. By setting yourself a challenge you’re setting yourself a goal. We’re not talking losing a set number of kg, or achieving someone else’s body. We’re asking you to challenge your comfort zone, be amazed by your body and be proud of the feat you’ll no doubt complete. Be it 10k or 10 miles, that feeling of achieving the goal you set that once seemed just a distant desire is one that will keep you inspired beyond your wildest beliefs.


3. Challenge doesn’t have to just focus on the body, often the mind-set is the real cause of concern as we tend to doubt our capabilities. If there’s one thing we can promise you from our limited experience, it’s that your bodies are a 100 times stronger than you think. It’s the brain that takes a bit of convincing, but we some sing a long tracks and a best friend by your side it’s soon conquered.


4. Create experience. Set yourself the challenge of creating unforgettable memories, even if that’s the only definitive goal you set.


And all of the above, that’s what makes the challenge, the test and the occasional trouble all worth it.




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