The Race: Endurancelife South Devon

Who we ran with: Endurancelife

How far did we go?

10km for H 

Half marathon for E

Plodded upon:

Glorious trails and a few roads in between.

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

Things kick off at Beesands on the coast. We then headed south to Hallsands, at which point the 10km group peeled off back in land and back to the start. The half marathoners continueed along the coast line to East Prawle when they then alos looped back in land and headed back to Beesands via Muckwell.


Running right along the coastline, the route was stunning!

We Struggled…

To get there! There was a huge snowstorm on the way down and we very nearly got stuck on the M4.

Why this Race…

If you fancy a taste of adventure but don’t fancy an expensive trip away this one is right on your doorstep. There is also an option of 10km, half marathon, marathon and ultra.

Famous Faces…

Evegenia, queen of One Ldn.

Robin Swinkels, queen of strength.

Mid run Brainwave…

E decided to pop down a little sidetrack to nip for a wee only for another runner to assume she had missed a flag and had run off the route by mistake, leaving her not quite as hidden as she wished! 

Rocket Fuel…

Just sipping on the good old fashioned water!

Number 1 Fan…

Some of the people who came out of their homes to cheer the runners from their doorstep. 

If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website.



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