The Race: Rude Health 10km

Who we ran with: 15 wonderful fellow breakfast lovers!

How far did we go? 1okm

Plodded upon: Tarmac and Trails

What did we wear:

  • Bra – Nike
  • Top – Nike
  • Jacket  – Elle Sport
  • Leggings – Lorna Jane
  • Shoes – Adidas
  • Activity Tracker – Apple Watch

Where’d we go?

From Whole Foods around the perimeter of Hyde Park and the Serpentine.


Being in the gorgeous sunshine, meeting fabulous people and being in Rude Health!

We Struggled…

Sprinting back and forth between the different paced runners…you front runners carried some pace!

Why this Race…

It’s a great way to increase the miles, whilst still enjoying the distance. No clocks, no pressure and plenty of mid run gossiping! The finish line spread of Rude Health goodies may have also attributed to the enjoyment! It is very refreshing to focus on the challenge and enjoyment instead of constantly pushing at top speed with little time to take in your surroundings.

Famous Faces…

Rude Health!

Mid run Brainwave…

I wonder if passers by think we are training for the marathon…if anyone asks just nod!

Number 1 Fan…

TTH! We were whooping and hollering the whole way round!

If you Fancy a Go…

Follow Rude Health and ourselves on Instagram. You never know what we might have coming up…



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