The Race: North Rim to South Rim

Who we ran with: Adidas

How far did we go? 29miles (was supposed to be 24miles!)

Plodded upon: Trails

What did we wear:

All kit was Adidas

Where’d we go?

North Rim 5,500ft down to the Colorado River and 4,500ft back up to the South Rim.


Being submerged and surrounded by towering walls of red rock.

We Struggled…

With the last 3 miles out! The heat and altitude really got to us with a solid performance of these last 3 miles taking 35 minute each!

Why this Race…

The first of our (many we hope) challenges. We knew it had to be epic!

Famous Faces…

We actually barely saw anyone until the last few miles.

Mid run Brainwave…

About 2 hours in…

E – “Hannah we are running The Grand Canyon”

H – “I know! What the hell!”

Possibly the least useful information at the time…it took a while for it to sink in!

Number 1 Fan…

E’s Dad and step cousin Robert who walked all the way down to Indian Gardens to lighten our loads and check we were still alive!

If you Fancy a Go…

Read up on all our TTH vs TGC blog posts and watch our video to get as much information about this epic barely known experience!



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