The Race: London Sprint Triathlon

Who we ran with: 2XU and IMG

How far did we go? 750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5km Run

Plodded upon:

  • We splashed about in the Thames water
  • We peddled on asphalt roads
  • We ran on asphalt roads with the few sections of plastic slabs to cover up some steps.

What did we wear:

  • 2XU trisuits and wetsuits

What did we ride:

  • H was on Noah, a very snazzy Ridley speed demon
  • E was on Liv, her trusty Giant road bike

Where’d we go?

One swimming lap of the Royal Victoria docks in front of the ExCel centre.

Two cycling laps of the road from Leamouth to Beckton Park.

Finally two running laps from the ExCel out along side of the docks.


The words of wisdom and encouragement from the other triathletes

The swim… I know we can’t believe it either!

We Struggled…

To get there! We actually cycled the 12miles from Fulham and back again

To collect our ankle chip. For some reason ours were not at the collection zone so we had to be issued new ones.

To find our bikes after the swim (this was not down to poor race organisation, more bad memory!)

Why this Race…

It is not the most scenic of triathlon’s but the swim is pretty still, the bike barely has any hills and the run is almost completely flat. This makes it a perfect first triathlon. You can get to grips with how the transitions work and discover the tips and tricks when it comes to keeping things quick.

Famous Faces…

Chessie King!

Mid run Brainwave…

Wouldn’t it be great if we could breathe underwater! Busted were on to something, shame we have to wait until the year 3000!

Number 1 Fan…

Chessie King was there screaming in our bleary faces as we emerged from the swim!

If you Fancy a Go…

Head to their website to sign up!



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