The Race: Ride London

Who we ran with: DHB and Speed Comms

How far did we go? 100 miles!

Plodded upon: Asphalt roads

What did we wear:

Head to toe DBH…see our kit review here!

What did we ride:

  • H was on Noah, a very snazzy Ridley speed demon
  • E was on Liv, her trusty Giant road bike

Where’d we go?

Starting in Stratford though the city and out via Hammersmith. Out through Kingston and a tour of Surrey’s rolling hills including Leith and Box. Finally back through Kingston up Wimbledon hill, down Putney high street along the Chelsea Embankment and finishing with a straight run up The Mall by Buckingham Palace.


The welcoming arms of the cycling community.

The satisfaction of reaching the top of the steep hills.

We Struggled…

The downhill sections, especially the decent down Leith Hill!

Cycling past our front door with 5miles remaining.

Stopping for 1hour due to a crash further ahead. The struggle lay more with the first mile or so cycling after the stop. Our bodies stiffened up and our legs held onto the ache. Never fear, it’s not long before they wake up once again!

Why this Race…

Firstly, it begins on our doorstep (almost), and is one of few lengthy London rides. You get to experience the most amazing cross section of London, beginning in the more industrial North East heading down past the towering buildings making up Canary Warf and Bank, then out, up and over the rolling Surrey hills, through the country side, back into the city and finally finishing on the Queens drive way!

Famous Faces…

Although not in our race, they followed soon after… Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome along with the rest of the pro racers!

Mid run Brainwave…

H: Did you just see that 11mile marker

E: Yeah, only 89miles to go haha!

H: That’s the furthest I’ve ever cycled!

E: What this 100mile race?

H: No 11miles

E: Good!

Number 1 Fan…

E’s sister came to cheer us through Kingston

H’s Mum watched us come down The Mall (well she waited for 2hours but still missed us come though!)

But also a special thank you to all the thousands of supporters along the route!

If you Fancy a Go…

Check out our race video and then sign up here!



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