The Race:

RunThrough VeloPark 

Who we ran with:


How far did we go?


Plodded upon:

Roads, and plenty of undulating hills.

What did we wear:

Where’d H go?

We did 6 loops around the infamous and unique one-mile Moto GP styled circuit.


The atmosphere. As usual RunThrough welcomes everyone so there was lots of cheering along the route, even though our race was last to go!

H Struggled…

The little hills. They weren’t particularly steep, but I can tell you they never got any easier. They just kept coming!

Why this Race…

 It’s a great course, and good for trying to run a consistent pace.

Famous Faces…

I ran with Laura, one of our We are Runners pacers!

Mid run Brainwave…

I’ve definitely lost count of my laps!

Rocket Fuel…

Post-run flapjack… of course!

Number 1 Fan…

Tashi (@tashi_skervinclarke) who we spotted leading the warm-up pre-race!

If you Fancy a Go…

Check out their website.



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