The Race:

RunThrough Victoria Park

Who H ran with:


How far did H go?


Plodded upon:

Roads… roads… GRASS!

What did H wear:

Where’d H go?

We headed East to run a loop around the wide, flat paths of Victoria Park.


Winning! H took home the 1st place female medal!

H Struggled…

The final 500m. It’s grassy and a little lumpy and doesn’t bode well for a sprint finish.

Why this Race…

It’s the perfect place to race… except for the end!

Famous Faces…

I ran with Laura, who took 3rd place. I also spotted Chris from Ultra X there too!

Mid run Brainwave…

I could actually win this…

Rocket Fuel…

Post-run flapjack… of course!

Number 1 Fan…

Kenza (We Are Runners pacer), who nipped out of her house to come whoop, cheer and hold our bags. 

If you Fancy a Go…

Check out their website.




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