The Race:

RunUK Richmond Half Marathon

Who we ran with:

Run UK and Let’s Do This

How far did we go? 13.1 miles

Plodded upon:

Grass, trail and roads

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

Starting in the Old Deer Park we zig-zagged across the grass before heading out over a small bridge on the West side of the park which leads out onto the Thames Path. We then turned left onto the path and followed it all the way down past Teddington Lock before looping back through Ham and heading out on a second lap of the far end of the course. After lap two was complete, we headed back along the Thames Path through Richmond, back over the small bridge, zig-zagging across the grass and to the finish line.


Being along the river. The Thames Path is one of our favourite places to run.

We Struggled…

It was a very windy day and the final mile back across the lumpy grassy field with a headwind was tough, to say the least.

Why this Race…

It’s a good one if you have started to think about making the move from road to the trail as it offers up a bit of both. The trail segments are very flat and non-technical. It’s a fab way to get a feel for it without jumping in the deep end.

Famous Faces…

We Are Runners crew

Mid run Brainwave…

If we run behind tall people it helps to block the wind! 

Rocket Fuel…

Some scummy Clif Bloks wild berry energy chews.

Number 1 Fan…

Phili’s family who looked after our coats and cheered us all into the finish. 

If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website.



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