What is health? What does it mean, and how do we obtain it?

The Oxford Dictionary, the bible of all meanings gives this particular word 3.


The first talks of being free from illness or injury, synonyms being ‘good physical condition’ and ‘wellbeing’. This is perhaps the most obvious, the one most turn to when classifying health.

The second, quite similar describes ‘a persons mental or physical condition’. Their ‘state of health’ or ‘physical state’ which begins to margin health. It starts to suggest boundaries within health which determine whether or not you have ‘it’.

The third, and perhaps my most favourable is the phrase ‘used to express friendly feelings towards ones companions before drinking’. Some may question its relevance, but this definition is the only one that suggests positive celebration of our health.

But really these definitions are simply guidelines. Guidelines that may or may not be followed or believed. And this to us, ‘twicethehealth’ is something we believe to be extremely important.

As suggested, we believe ourselves to be healthy, but that’s not to say 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day we feel at the peak of health. Because no one does. And that is healthy.

We have started this blog to share what we think health is. This is not to say our ideas are right for everyone. But what we do believe is that health is a lifestyle, it is not your life. Health is happiness. And whether, like us you thrive off fitness, strength and challenge, or in fact can’t stand the thought of a 6am bootcamp, this is not something to be judged. People find their health in all sorts of places, it does not have to be in the gym, or amongst a plate of greens!

We want to encourage health to be accessible in whatever way works for you, and each other individual. It’s not something that can be bought, nor can it be picked up without a little struggle. But it can be found, and often it’s a lot closer than you thing.

See next post to find out how we are finding ours, as well as a little bit on ‘us’


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