Slightly terrified, maybe, but excited, absolutely!

We have managed to secure ourselves a last minute spot to take part in our very own capitals survival of the fittest, ‘The Virgin Money London Marathon 2015’. It is certainly something we have considered in the past, and so when the opportunity came about it was one we couldn’t resist. Not only does it present a challenge, it’s the chance to raise money for a fantastic cause whilst pushing ourselves to achieve peak fitness. We’d have to be crazy to say no!

The charity we are going to be running for is the North Hampshire Medical Fund. They work to raise money to buy specialist equipment the hospital could otherwise not afford. This equipment helps doctors and nurses to save lives, improve diagnosis and find kinder treatments to reduce pain. The fund are hoping to raise £130,000 for an endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) to help patients with advancing lung cancer. Currently patients have to travel to Oxford, Southampton and London for these tests and there can be a waiting time of up to 5 weeks! This can cause a delay in their treatment and a lung tumour can double in size in just 4 weeks. People think this is a smoker’s disease it is not; it is the second highest cancer in the UK! A lot of their research also looks at improving health as a form of treatment, including bettering diets and digestion. Health as a form of disease prevention is something we both feel very strongly about so we are delighted to help promote this.

So if you have any spare pennies, please do sponsor us and this fantastic cause through the link below;

In return we promise to keep you up to date with our ‘marathon training journey’. Keep your eyes peeled for a post exploring our favourite foods as fuel to keep us running all 26 miles!


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