Sunday Funday, not so much this coming weekend, if like us you have signed your life away to The Virgin London Marathon.

We kid ourselves in saying this, we will probably enjoy the first 10 or so, anything after that maybe slightly less. However we are firm believers in the saying ‘Look Good, Feel Good’, so we offer some suggestions to make each mile a little more bearable. These suggestions come in the form of fabulous fitness fashion items with thanks to a few of our favourite brands.

To Keep them locked in, it’s a long way ladies…

p.s we do understand for many of us this is not a problem, they tend to disappear as soon as you pass the 5 mile training point.

The Back Zip Bra… literally zips them up.


This stylish bra offers high support, support being something marathon runners need in every form come Sunday 26th April. Its powermesh provides additional hold and the quick dry fabric and Anti-chafe flat seams makes it easy on the skin.

The Bold Blooms Bra… both bold and blooming

Lorna Jane Active

And to be running the marathon you have to be bloomin bold!! This beautiful (favourite of ours in case you can’t tell not only looks awesome, but also offers support for all high impact activities. Even running for 3.5 hours! Because that’s about as high impact as it gets if you ask us! The fabric wicks moisture making it quick drying and breathable,a nd the key hole detail in the back helps to keep you cool and dry!

Bingle Bra… cause it sounds a bit like bangle

Lorna Jane Active

Because firstly, we love the colour, and secondly we feel running in something titled ‘bingle’ makes everything that little bit better! The removable padding adds support and comfort, and the bagged out cutting offers extra breathability. This bra is perfect for the long distance endured by many come Sunday 26th April. It’s also the perfect colour to enhance the summer glow!

To hold the pins together, helping them to hold us up…

We’re gonna owe our little legs a lot after Sundays challenge, so its only right we kit them out in somin stylish…

Colour compression legging…the magic of compression


Compression has been a main component to our recovery as it keeps the muscles warm duringand post exercise which helps prevent muscle strain and fatigue. We have stuck to compression socks but have had our eyes on these for a while as the offer full leg compression. And they come with blue, orange or pink detailing, just to ensure you can match them to the appropriate trainer!

Bold Blooms FL tights… in case we didn’t mention there a favourite!

Lorna Jane Active

An obvious selling point of these figure flattening leggings is the colours, just because they are bright and beautiful but also they make you easy to spot! Families, friends,even future boyfriends won’t miss you in these clouds of colour! The compression fabric aids quick recovery and stimulates blood circulation! The quick dry material also means despite being full length you will remain cool and alongside this collected throughout your run. I mean lets be honest when you’re looking this chic, you just ooze that ‘cool vibe’

Blocked Crop Tight


These are a gym wardrobe stable item! The simple colours make them easy to match with any of your favourite kit, and the mid length offers a flattering style. The wide supportive waistband makes them both supportive and comfortable, and who can turn down comfort that looks this good. Its like devouring a kilo of reeses cups, then transforming into Millie Mackintosh!

 Game Changer Capri

Every Second Counts

And a game changer they certainly are. We absolutely fell in love with these, and feel that if a marathon is to be run, some games are to be changed. The style cannot be faulted, and the design makes them the perfect running partner. The mesh panels offer extra ventilation in addition to the breathable fabric. The just above the hips shape makes them elongating to the leg and the built in elastane helps with shape retention, even after 4 hours of jiggling!—soft-black/acid-blue

Something to compliment the sports bra…

I understand the charity vests are a must in some cases, but us girls gotta have style…

Clutch Tank


Whoever tried to make red the new black clearly hadn’t stumbled across this. A wardrobe essential that’s sure to leave you feeling sassy, even after mile 21! The mesh back, and racer back style not only makes it breathable, it offers a little bit of sex appeal! Even with a red face and runny nose!

Personal Best Vest

Every Second Counts

Perhaps one for you first, second, third timers! This simplistic and stylish vest, aptly named personal best offers 4 way support and flat seams for added comfort. The moisture wicking fabric wicks sweat away, because a cool runner is a happy one. And perhaps one of our favourite features? The heat sealed back neck transfers means no more itchy back of the neck from pesky labels. Who else is forever cutting out these pests?—cool-grey/white

XT-Air™ ICE™ Freedom Tank, Grey


Ice Ice Baby.. fabric that lowers by up to 3 degrees Celsius during exercise. Now that’s marathon running fabric! The thin straps and racer back cut to allow for open, unrestricted movement through the shoulders. HPE pride themselves on technology that not only looks sassy, but also offers brains. Their kit is designed to offer ultimate support and comfort no matter how long 26 miles. We think they deserve the medal!

Let us know what you think, and even if unlike us your marathon wardrobe ready why not treat yourself? After all come Sunday evening you will have completed one of London’s toughest challenges. And you also will probably be bed ridden for at least 48 hours so why not shop?

TTH xx

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