Not only does today bring us one step closer to the weekend, it also marks the release of a new sports range let loose on the jungle that is fashionable fitness. Supermarket, and go to store Aldi have designed a both practical, and stylish range of gym wear to inspire those summer bodies. Aldi’s very apt slogan, ‘Spend a little, live a lot’ perfectly epitomizes the collection, with not an inch of quality neglected despite the very reasonable price!

It’s true, we were a little sceptical, but we were certainly proved wrong upon tearing open the parcel. The seamless pink top wicks sweat effortlessly off the skin. Even Emily, who sweats at just the thought of exercise, emerged almost dry after a sweaty ‘HIIT Hurtbox’ at our favourite cycling hot spot ‘Athlete Lab’.

Hannah opted for the loose running shorts, both chic and comfortable these were the perfect new addition to the already growing summer ‘gym wardrobe’. The waistband sits slightly higher than the hip, equipped with a drawstring tie. They also feature a handy inner pocked, perfect for keys and in our case essential running snacks!

Socks are always in short supply, especially when the household comprises of two gym fanatics. We’re almost certain the Twice the Health sock drawer is haunted by a vanishing spell. And so the arrival of 6 pairs of socks to add to the mix was highly appreciated. The socks come in an array of colours, thick in texture, making them both supportive and comfortable. Perfect for our ever increasing mileage!

And last, but by no means least the wireless activity tracker. This is something we have been in two minds about purchasing for quite some time, and so we were extremely excited to receive these. These discreet and trendy wristbands keep track of your fitness efforts throughout the day, measuring all daily activity, including calories burnt and steps taken. In addition to this you can set daily goals, and sync this with your iphone, tablet or computer. The wristbands are available in 4 colours, and are water resistant up to 3 bar! It even has a ‘clip in option’, meaning you can attach it to your waistband or bra, making it more discreet for work or play! The bands clever technology, has surprised us with the distance our little legs carry us each and every day, and will certainly be a regular addition to our fitness wardrobe’.

Aldi’s running range goes into stores today, but once its gone its gone!

Thank you Aldi for helping us run into summer with style!


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