Meet our favourite running underwear!

This is one piece’a kit you DO NOT want to get wrong… we know this from experience! Pants ‘wandering’, or rising up in the wrong places does not make for a happy run. This is why we’re sharing with you our go-to undies when we go rundies… ok that was lame, but you get our drift.

From run specific specials to Primark’s own pants, we got you covered no matter how far you run!


Simple ‘Lycra’ thong

  • TTH Tested: We wear these for our weekday mileage and pretty much all We Are Runners run clubs, plus plenty of training sessions.
  • Why we like them: Super affordable and really comfortable. 
  • Price: £6 for 3 pairs

Decathlon (Kalenhi)


  • TTH Tested: London to Birmingham Ultra
  • Why we like them: Very full coverage on the bum, so much so that you don’t really get a VPL. They are also very affordable.
  • Price: £3.99/pair


  • TTH Tested: We have not actually run in this pair but we think they look fab
  • Why we like them: They look like they have features from the Runderwear and Primark pants that we like a lot.
  • Price: £3.99/pair


Seamless Brazilian Briefs – Black with Lace

  • TTH Tested: Midweek miles and strength sessions
  • Why we like them: H likes to sleep in these and jump straight into her kit for an early morning run. They are slinky without slipping and sliding around, plus the lace trim means no VPL
  • Price: £4.99/pair


Namastay Put Thong II 

  • TTH Tested: Short runs and strength sessions
  • Why we like them: So lightweight and ‘barely-there feel’.
  • Price: £15/pair

Mula Bandhawear Thong

  • TTH Tested: Midweek miles 
  • Why we like them: The seams on the edge are super soft and really stops the underwear from ‘wandering’ (if you know what we mean).
  • Price: £15/pair


G- string 

  • TTH Tested: London Marathon, Paris Marathon, 50km Great Wall of China, 50km Great Ocean Road, 100km Race to the Stones, Ultra X Jordan 250km, TRIBE Azores and many half marathons 
  • Why we like them: Super high rise, soft edges and do exactly what they say on the tin!
  • Price: £16/pair

Hipster Brief 

  • TTH Tested: London Marathon and London to Birmingham Ultra
  • Why we like them: Full coverage and no (itchy) labels!
  • Price: £18/pair

Hot Pants 

  • TTH Tested: We actually have not run in this pair but again, have heard great reviews. We have slept in them though!
  • Why we like them: Zero VPL in these bad boys! 
  • Price: £20/pair

Check out our full review of these pants over on our IGTV!


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