This is a talked about topic on the TTH page, and one that for one, holds a completely different answer to the other. Some suit high fat, others crave high carb. Some like sweet, others prefer savoury. It’s an area full of confusion, and whilst it’s not one we can magically answer for you, we can share some solid suggestions that we’ve come across in our time. 


So, what do we eat when we run:

Short, speedier stuff

For this, we want to keep it easy to unwrap and even easier to digest, so we’re most likely to turn to sweets, gels or something of a similar fashion. Some bits that have worked for us include:

Slightly longer, tempo type stuff

Again, it tends to be something easy to get down for this. When we say tempo stuff, we’re likely talking anywhere between half marathon and full marathon distance. 

We’d probably also slot in some of the sweeter (shorter) stuff as mentioned above towards the end of the race. 

Long haul, super long stuff

This is where it gets really fun, as really these races are just an eating game. We tend to turn to savoury here as we’re taking on a lot more food, therefore sweet can become sickly.

These are simply some snack suggestions that we have grown to love over the years (after lots and lots and lots of trial and error!) We have not simply whipped these out on race day, we’ve spent lots of hours testing them during training runs and this would be our top advice to you. Try it, then try it again until you know it sits happily in your stomach.



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