TTH Tips to the perfect poached egg


  • It’s a skill, some may even say an art when it comes to perfecting your poach and achieving that runny around toast topper. Lucky for you, we’ve nailed it and we’re willing to share our secrets…
  1. FRESH eggs. New eggs have a ‘perkier’ yolk and white.
  2. ROOM temperature eggs (leave them out the fridge a little). If the temperature change is too sudden the egg is more like to fall apart.
  3. Add VINEGAR to the boiling water. We use distilled white vinegar as it is cheap and doesn’t colour the egg. This helps to coagulate the egg white, keeping it all together.
  4. Use a heat proof small bowl to LOWER the egg into the water. Don’t drop the egg in from a height, this will only cause unnecessary chaos. Using a bowl also stops you burning your fingers!
  5. GENTLE boil. Don’t have it on top heat and stir the water vigorously as it will pull the egg white off the yolk.
  6. Lift out with a SLOTTED SPOON and place on a side plate for 1min. This allows the excess water to run out. If you plop it straight on your toast the result will only be soggy!

So there you have it, 6 simple steps to achieving that Insta worthy #YolkPorn. You can thank us later…

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